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Our company focuses mainly on Internet services. Because every solution is made as build-to-order it is almost impossible to make any catalogue or price list for those services. To every potential customer we offer free orientation calculation of the requested services.

Web Sites Development

In this area we can offer large variety of different services, which can be combined together into a small or large Internet presentation with many modern features. We are building accessible websites according to the latest standards, optimized for search engines and different viewing devices. We are creating static or dynamic websites with the possibility of self-administration of the website content. Development includes following services:

  • Gathering of the information
  • Web structure recommendation and consultation
  • Original graphical design
  • Domain registration
  • Web hosting for the website
  • Image editing or making of new ones
  • Language versions
  • E-mail services
  • Cooperation with existing customer’s systems
  • Personnel training
  • Maintenance and support

Graphical Design

Good and attractive graphical design is the ground of every web presentation. For each presentation we usually create two designs according to the customer’s needs and ideas. We can also redesign existing web site or application. We are using modern multimedia software for the best output of our designs. The design work can be the part of the whole web service or can be our final product.

Except websites we make design of presentation CD ROMs, banners, flash animations, videos, icons, and much more.

We do not design only electronic media, but we can prepare also the design of printed media such as business cards, posters, booklets, packages, logos, etc. The design offer also involves building of the corporate identity, logotypes, and design rules for the company. The output prepared by our company is ready for printing immediately.

Internet Applications

When you are thinking about building-up a new application for your company you should start thinking of building it on the Internet. Internet applications are accessible from almost any place on the world and they are all working with the same data. You don’t need to install any software into your computer (except the web browser), you don’t need to reinstall or update your application when something is changed. Internet applications are working just as regular applications in your computer, but they are running in the web browser. Usually those applications are restricted with username and password, so your data are protected from unwanted visitors - but accessible from anywhere. We build those applications by using the latest Internet technologies and database servers and they are connectable to your existing systems too.

Electronic Business Solutions

Electronic market places are just another Internet applications from the technological point of view. It allows you to sell your products over the Internet. We prepare for you e-shop, ordering system, or any other system that would help your business grow. In this type of application is the analysis the most important because electronic business services have to cooperate with other systems like accounting systems or stock evidence, etc.. On this analysis we pay extra attention.

Dires – Internet Publication System

Many companies want to update their websites by them self and this is the place for our content management system called Dires. It allows you to insert, update or delete any information on your web site without knowing anything about how to create web sites. It has a user friendly interface and consists of many modules: Articles, Links, Telephones, Customers, Orders, Feedbacks, Mailing System, Responsibility Management, Company Index, Photo Galleries and User Management. You can select different modules that suit your needs. For customers with web site maintenance agreement is Dires distributed for free.
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Mesis – Electronic Materials Management System

Mesis is destined for municipal offices. It enables to collect electronic materials for the city board's proceeding. It takes care about the process of preparation of all materials, enables printing, commenting or editing. According to those materials can be adopted the board's resolution which is also stored in the system. From those data can the system print reports in different ways. The material can submitted for consideration from any place in the world and at any time. That makes the whole process fast and effective.
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