About the Company

Our company was established in 1999. The company's main seat is currently in Prague. The company moved to Prague from the city of Jaromer, located in the eastern part of the Czech Republic - Hradec Kralove region in 2008. In the beginning the company was mainly concentrating on the trade with hardware and software. It focuses mainly on Internet services since 2000. In the same year the company started offering its services also in Prague and a company branch was established there too.

The fist services offered by the company were the web site creation and its maintenance. Because of rapidly developing server side scripting languages it started building its solutions from dynamic components made as computer programs. That pulled the company forward and its products became the part of several Internet portals or information systems.

In cooperation with its partners Direction.cz established a reusable Internet portal engine that has been awarded three times as the best electronic service. The company created four standalone Internet portals, its components can be found in bank applications, intranet systems or Internet applications of different suppliers.

The best award for our company is a satisfied customer that can depend on our services. We are proud of tens of those customers. We promise to do our best to make your Internet solutions working in the way you want it.

The offer of our main services and products can be found in the Services and Products section. If you are interested in seeing what we've already done, visit the Portfolio section.


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